Unlimited Transformations (Resident Evil 6)

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Unlimited Transformations

Carla Radames thinks she can attack China and unleash chaos upon the world, but Derek Simmons had a plan for stopping her, and she is gravely injured.

"If l'm going to die, then I'll make sure the world he loves dies with me."

With her last ounce of energy, she injects herself with an extremely potent strain of the C-Virus. It's the same strain one of her subordinates injected in Derek. In her infected state, she merges her body with that of an aircraft carrier, transforming herself into something decidedly not human. She can also create human-sized doppelgangers of herself (Carla Spores). These avatars of Carla's insanity still resemble Ada Wong, proving that Derek's experiment damaged her psyche more than even she had realized.