Leon and Adam (Resident Evil 6)

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Leon and Adam

Leon Kennedy and U.S. President Adam Benford are not only close friends, but champions of similar causes. When President Benford was a high-ranking government official, he handpicked Leon, elevating him to his high-ranking status. The two men were both motivated by a righteous desire to root out bioterrorism following the events that transpired in Raccoon City in 1998. Adam had a reputation for being one of the few politicians with integrity, a man of his word, and Agent Kennedy found himself able to trust a man who had never directly faced the evils of bioterrorism. With mutual goals and a mutual respect, they grew close during their ten years of fighting bioterrorism together.

Unfortunately, their friendship is abruptly ended during a biohazard outbreak--one with eerie echoes that mirror the tragedy of Raccoon City--when Agent Kennedy is forced to shoot and kill President Benford.