Helena's Crime (Resident Evil 6)

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Helena's Crime

Derek Simmons coerced Helena Harper into helping him assassinate President Benford when he kidnapped her sister Deborah. Helena had no choice but to send out an alert over the Secret Service's radio that a group had entered Ivy University with the intent to kill President Benford. The president was on the campus to deliver a speech, and the Secret Service made sure the president was secure before his speech. A number of agents were dispatched to look for the suspects. This created the opening Derek needed.

Helena loved her sister, but she couldn't let herself be party to a terrorist attack. She rushed to the campus to entreat the agents to give up their wild goose chase and protect the president. Many of the agents were aware of her past infractions, so they were disinclined to believe her. Then the attacks came. Because half the agents were out looking for assassins, the Service was slow in evacuating President Benford, and was unable to save his life.