Derek and Carla (Resident Evil 6)

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Derek and Carla

Derek Simmons used countless test subjects in his efforts to "clone" Ada Wong. The main impediment to those efforts was finding subjects with compatible genetic structure. Using the extensive resources of The Family, Derek learned that one of his own researchers, a Carla Radames, would be a suitable candidate. Derek tricked Carla into taking part in the experiment because she believed Derek valued her and her work too much to risk her. She was wrong, and Derek succeeded in creating the clone of Ada he had desired. While Carla looked and behaved similar to Ada, there was still a piece of her that remained Carla. Derek's relationship with Ada had only been professional, so he couldn't see that this clone was not the real Ada. Whether through misguided affections or a desire to revenge himself on Ada, he ignored any nagging doubt and began to train and treat Carla as if she were the real Ada Wong. Carla, having lost most of her personality during the experiment, behaved as Derek wanted. But in the depths of her soul, there was still a spark of Carla's original self, and once it came to the surface, she vowed to destroy Derek, the man who had ruined her life.