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Chris' File (Resident Evil 6)

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Chris' File

Chris Redfield began his military career as a pilot in the United States Air Force. His unwillingness to compromise brought him into direct conflict with superiors. Unable to settle these differences, Chris retired from the Air Force. He was then scouted by Raccoon City's special forces (S.T.A.R.S.) because of his superior fighting skills and pilot qualifications. After what came to be known as the Mansion Incident on the outskirts of Raccoon City, Chris set off on his own to stop Umbrella and make the world aware of the threat of bioweapons.

Following Umbrella's dissolution in 2003, Chris decided to join the BSAA and continue the fight. This brought him to Africa in 2009, and into direct conflict with his former boss, Albert Wesker. Chris killed Albert during the operation, and he was finally able to put to rest all the ghosts of Umbrella and Raccoon City.

In 2012, during an operation in Edonia, all his BSAA soldiers except for Piers Nivans are turned into B.O.W.s. Chris suffered from head trauma that led to amnesia, and it wasn't until six months later that Piers was able to find him again.

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