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Chris and Leon (Resident Evil 6)

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Chris and Leon

Chris Redfield and Leon Kennedy work for two different organizations, and have no reason to interact with each other. But they do share one connection--Chris' sister Claire.

Following the Mansion Incident in 1998, Chris set out for Europe on his own, determined to bring down Umbrella. Before he left, he neglected to inform Claire as to his whereabouts, so she came to Raccoon City to find him. There she met Leon, and together they fought their way out of the horrors of Raccoon City. Claire was then reunited with Chris on Rockfort Island. She loves and respects her brother, and she considers Leon a trusted friend. With Claire as a mutual contact, it would only be a matter of time before the two met.

Although the interactions between their respective organizations are highly restricted, when they finally met, both were able to understand each other's deep convictions, particularly those related to the eradication of bio-organic weapons.

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