Bloodshot (Resident Evil 6)

Image of Bloodshot
Upon death, red-eyed zombies occasionally mutate into these grotesque B.O.W.s. The Bloodshot is a skinless, humanoid creature that is faster than normal zombies but difficult to take down.


  • Image of Leon - Chapter 1

    Leon - Chapter 1

    1 Bloodshot - Gun Shop. Enters the bar during the zombie siege.
    1 Bloodshot - Gun Shop. When you reach the balcony area outside above the gun shop, one of these will emerge from the side and climb over the railing.
  • Image of Leon - Chapter 2

    Leon - Chapter 2

    Bloodshots - Forest Cemetery. Appear in the cathedral courtyard during the siege whilst you are waiting to be let inside.
    1 Bloodshot - Underground Lab. In the area where you are pulling all of the levers to lower the bridges, the Bloodshot appears when Helena pulls her lever when separated from Leon.
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