Topaz (Pear) (Resident Evil 5)

A small, pale-yellow gem.

Image of Topaz (Pear)
A rare treasure that can be sold for money.

Sell price: ₦1,000


  • Image of Chapter 2-1

    Chapter 2-1

    1 × Topaz (Pear) - The port. Underwater next to the boat.

  • Image of Chapter 4-1

    Chapter 4-1

    1 × Topaz (Pear) - Caves. Inside the torch next to the exit.

    1 × Topaz (Pear) - Ancient village. In a brazier between two sets of steps at the point Chris and Sheva are separated from one another after the bridge collapses.

  • Image of Chapter 4-2

    Chapter 4-2

    1 × Topaz (Pear) - Worship area. Embedded on the wall above your starting position.

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