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Type 3 Plagas Field Test (Resident Evil 5)

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One week has passed since the initial field test of Type 3 Plagas.

Type 3 was designed to display dramatically enhanced physical abilities over previous versions.

The original Las Plagas had a special Plaga known as the control Plaga that would provide a host with enhanced physical abilities.

These control types were limited in number, and they always caused severe physical changes in the host, and thus it was not always expedient to use them.

From a business standpoint, this was undesirable. The idea was to create super soldiers without any side effects, something consumers wanted.

Other teams are currently working on developing a similar product to Las Plagas for commercial use, but given the affinity Las Plagas has for human hosts, it seems advantageous to continue to develop it. Other methods may produce superior super soldiers, but if they do not render the host completely controllable, their effectiveness would be limited.

Taking a subordinate Plaga (the base Las Plagas) and implanting a gene from the control Plaga created a new type of Plaga - the Type 3.

It is believed that if Type 3 can be perfected, it will become the new standard on the bioweapons market.

But that day is still in the offing. During a recent field test, a number of issues came to the fore. The chief problem is its ineffectual adherence rate. In adult and adolescent males the adherence rate is approximately 92 percent, the same for normal Las Plagas. For women and young children Type 3 has a 0 percent adherence rate.

With these disappointing results, it is obvious that in its current state, Type 3 would not render a adequate product.

In addition, superficial mutations were invariably fatal. This is thought to be due to the dynamic influence of the control Plaga gene.

The test, however, was not without some favorable results.

Our goal to realize dramatic physical enhancements were somewhat realized. The jumping power of hosts has shown remarkable improvement.

Another point is one we hadn't predicted: size increase in the hosts, with some reaching a height of almost three meters. This could also be due to the gene from the control Plaga, but it is within acceptable parameters.

With this field test, we did not achieve all our initial desired results, but the test was not a complete failure. It may be possible to use the information garnered from the current tests and use them to make improvements in any future tests.


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