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Village Youth's Diary (Resident Evil 5)

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April 5
A man who said he was the foreman of the oil plant came to visit us today. He said he wants to inoculate everyone living near the oil field against some kind of disease.

In my parents' generation, they tricked our people and stole the land to turn it into their oil field. They must feel guilty about that because they are always trying to help our village now.

When we couldn't get across the swamp, they built a gondola on a rope for us.

Sometimes they'll even give us alcohol from foreign countries. This medicine is probably something like that.

Everyone in our village is glad to receive this medicine, but I don't want it. I don't have a reason for not getting it. I just didn't like the way the foreman looks, that's all.

April 8
Everyone went to the oil field to get this inoculation. The village is usually never this quiet. The only thing to do today is sleep.

April 9
I slept too much during the day, so I couldn't sleep at night, and it was noisy outside. Everyone was talking with serious voices in the middle of the village. All of the children in the village had come down with a fever.

The mothers all drew water to cool their bodies, but it didn't help. By the next morning they were all dead.

In the morning our leader went to the oil field. He wanted to know if the medicine they were given killed the children.

When he came back to the village, he said the children died because they had the disease. He told everyone that they needed to go back for more shots. I didn't want to, but everyone in the village was worried about catching the disease. They forced me to go with them and get the shots.

April 10
People are fighting in the village. All the men are very angry. It might be because all the children died, but I think it's something else.

The women just sit around and don't move. I wonder if the disease is spreading?

April 11
I couldn't sit still today. I felt like something was moving around inside me.

Outside I saw a man who looked strange. He was naked and had a weapon. His entire body was covered in war paint. It wasn't even festival day.

I tried to talk to him, but when he turned around, I saw his face...

He didn't even look human!

What is happening to the people of my village!?

April 12
The screaming has not stopped since yesterday. The men are all dressing like our ancestors and fighting each other. Most of the women have died.

April 13
Head hurts. Fever... Feel angry.

Saw big man outside window. Very tall.

Must be vision.

April 14
Feel good...

Screams... stop...

Looks fun...

Want to... kill...


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