Administrator's Log (Resident Evil 5)

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This file is bundled along with the Construction Supervisor's Log when examined in-game, but has been separated out into its own distinct file here.
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The pumps are properly irrigating the Progenitor flowers, but they require a lot of maintenance.

Umbrella installed these pumps over thirty years ago. It's a wonder that they still even work. The tank that filters the water is barely holding up. We need to replace these pumps as soon as possible.

In a lucky turn, I found the log of Umbrella's construction supervisor. It said the pump system here was designed by a company called Fabiano.

I think we use Fabiano pumps in our natural resources development division.

I'll talk to Mr. Irving, the foreman at the oil plant, and see if we can't get some newer pumps from him.


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    Chapter 5-1

    Underground garden. On the stack of crates next to the entrance to the passage leading to the main facility at the start of the chapter.
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