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Spencer's Notebook (Resident Evil 5)

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I just received word that Raccoon City has been wiped out. The Americans finally took action against us. I hope the irony of using the very military machine that was supposed to protect them from foreign attackers to kill their own people is not lost on them.

While the danger posed by the threat of the T-Virus spreading was very real, I don't think Americans will easily forgive their government for the deaths of over 100,000 of their own people.

If the truth of this matter is ever brought to light, support for the current administration will plummet. I don't think he wants that.

Even a child can see that they will come after Umbrella with everything they have. To hide their own foolish mistakes, they will blame Umbrella for Raccoon City's annihilation.

It would seem Umbrella will share Raccoon City's fate, but perhaps it will be to a lesser degree.

Umbrella was nothing but a tool for the research of the Progenitor virus. Even without that tool, the research still survives.

Only Umbrella's lowly employees will be hurt by its dissolution.

If the secret research involving the Progenitor virus is protected, then I can always rebuild anew. I've already made preparations for such a plan.

The research facility in Africa remains a secret, and it is there that the Progenitor virus is produced, something that we didn't achieve until the late 80s.

Only a handful of people in the company are even aware of the African facility's existence thanks to our strict regulation of the flow of information. Only a minimum amount of personnel were ever transferred from Africa to other locations, and they were always closely monitored.

Director Bailey has been confined to the African facility for almost 30 years, and even that has all been for this day.

All that remains is to close that facility and everything will go according to my plan.

Once that facility is gone, all its connections to Umbrella will disappear with it. Then I will have to deal with anyone who has a Level 10 security clearance as they are the only ones who know of the African facility's existence. Everyone else will be summarily disposed of.

My secrets will be protected. When one buries a treasure, one should not leave behind a map.

(A printout is stuck inside the notebook.)

Personnel with Access to Company Secrets

Level 10
Ozwell S. - Deceased
Henning P. - Imprisoned
Masaki T. - Deceased
Jenny K. - Whereabouts unknown
Carlos M. - Found -> information obtained -> eliminated

Level 9
Brandon B. - Deceased
Frank E. - Deceased
Isabella C. - Deceased
Greg A. - Deceased
Lee D. - Deceased
Michael K. - Deceased
Ethan W. - Deceased


  • Image of Chapter 6-2

    Chapter 6-2

    Ship interior. Inside the control room, in the briefcase in the south east corner.
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