Report on Project W - Aug. 28, 1998 (Resident Evil 5)

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It has been confirmed that the accident at the Raccoon City Arklay Research Facility was due to the involvement of Project W test subject No. 013 (hereafter referred to as Albert). His death in the accident has made obtaining any further information an impossibility. (Albert's death was confirmed by the Information Department.)

Albert's death puts the current success rate of Project W down to 18 percent.

The quota of qualified individuals for the project has been drastically reduced and must be addressed immediately. This poses a grave situation for any progress that can hope to be made in the project.

Since there is no roster of qualified individuals to replace the recent losses, it would be advisable to start selecting individuals from the pool of failed candidates.

After this, adjustments can be made that will restore up to 93 percent of the quota prior to Albert's death.

Umbrella Information Department
Alex W.


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