Satellite Laser Shango Operating Manual (Resident Evil 5)

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The Shango satellite laser is operated by using a rocket launcher-style laser targeting device (L.T.D.) that sends targeting coordinates to the satellite. The satellite is then capable of firing a highly concentrated laser to within centimeters of the target.

Operation Procedures:

1. Aim the L.T.D. at the target to relay the coordinates to the satellite.

2. Once the target has been ascertained, the coordinates will be relayed. During the transmission, the target ring will appear red on the targeting scope.

Note: If the targeting sensor's AI perceives that the target is no longer being tracked by the targeting scope, transmission of the coordinates will be canceled.

3. When LOCK ON appears in the scope, it means the transmission has been successfully sent. Pulling the trigger will now activate the laser.

4. The firing cannon must be given time to recharge before it can be re-fired.


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