Uroboros Plan (Resident Evil 5)

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The Uroboros Virus will have a direct and substantial impact on human DNA. Those who possess inferior genes will find exposure to the virus fatal. Most of those infected will be unable to withstand this winnowing. The handful of survivors will be limited to those who possess superior DNA.

There is no room in this new world for those who do not qualify. A new day will dawn only for the chosen few. Tonight Uroboros and I shall awaken the best of this world.

Everything is on schedule. When the bomber reaches the tropopause, the missiles carrying the Uroboros Virus will be deployed.

Once released, the virus will enter the upper troposphere and spread using the wind currents. It is then that humanity will receive its final judgment. A virus possesses no emotions, and therein lies its beauty. It will select only choice humans from around the world. The ones who are not chosen, will become hosts for Uroboros, and their existence will consist only of searching for new hosts.

Once set into motion nothing can stop this chain reaction. The din of six billion screams will close the book on humanity's ignoble past.


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