Gatling Gun Majini (Resident Evil 5)

Image of Gatling Gun Majini
Effectively the leader of the Base Majini, their trademark is the cigar and beret. The Gatling Gun Majini wears a gold necklace, a gold vest, and all of his teeth are gold. which suggests that he lived an extravagant life before becoming a host.

These extremely dangerous Majini run their enemies while firing their massive Gatling guns at full blast. Their amazing strength can be plainly seen by the way they carry the ammunition for the autocannon on their backs, and wield the massive gun barrel itself with ease.


  • Image of Chapter 6-3

    Chapter 6-3

    2 Gatling Gun Majinis - Appear when the second bulkhead has finished opening.
  • Image of Chapter 6-1

    Chapter 6-1

    2 Gatling Gun Majinis - Ship hold. Appear when you approach the stairs to the upper level of the hold.
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