Base Majini (Resident Evil 5)

Image of Base Majini
These highly-skilled Majini have been organised into elite squadrons.Their main duty is to stand guard over the Tricell base. They have been given training that far surpasses normal Majini, and can skillfully wield handguns and grenades, in addition to heavier firepower like stun rods and rocket launchers. They can supplement their already high resilience with armour and shields, making them tough enemies to beat from any angle.


  • Image of Chapter 5-2

    Chapter 5-2

    Base Majinis - Power station.
    Base Majinis - Missile area 1st floor.
  • Image of Chapter 5-3

    Chapter 5-3

    Base Majinis - Missile area 2nd floor.
  • Image of Chapter 6-1

    Chapter 6-1

    Base Majinis - Ship deck.
    1 Base Majini - Ship hold.
  • Image of Chapter 6-2

    Chapter 6-2

    1 Base Majini - Ship interior.
  • Image of Chapter 6-3

    Chapter 6-3

    Base Majinis - Engine room.
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