Licker beta (Resident Evil 5)

Image of Licker beta
This refined version of the original Licker was created by Tricell researchers hoping to use the Progenitor Virus to improve upon the original design. The final product was still considered unsatisfactory, as the new Licker still has extremely poor eyesight, compensated only with the sensitive senses of hearing and smell. Just like its forbear back in Raccoon City, the Licker beta clings to walls and ceilings, and attacks its enemies with its long tongue and sharp claws.
Other appearances


  • Image of Chapter 5-1

    Chapter 5-1

    Licker beta's - Progenitor virus facility. They are crawling around in various places throughout the facility.
  • Image of Chapter 5-3

    Chapter 5-3

    Licker beta's - Monarch room entrance. They appear once you ascend the elevator to the walkway above and proceed a short distance along it.
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