Gold Bangle (Resident Evil 4)

A handcrafted gold bangle with a beautiful decoration carved around it.

Image of Gold Bangle
An expensive looking gold bangle. You can sell this to the merchant to make some extra Pesetas.

Sell price: 8,500 pesetas


  • Image of Chapter 3-1

    Chapter 3-1

    Normal Mode

    Battlements. Inside a chest behind the stone hut on the upper battlements.

  • Image of Chapter 3-4

    Chapter 3-4

    Normal Mode

    Storeroom. Inside a chest inside the hidden room.

  • Image of Chapter 4-1

    Chapter 4-1

    Normal Mode

    Tower bridge. Defeat the Zealot wearing the goat skull mask.

  • Image of Chapter 4-4

    Chapter 4-4

    Normal Mode

    Tower. Inside a chest once you have reached the maximum level the stairs will take you.

  • There are no locations to show for this mode. The following modes are applicable: