Emerald (Resident Evil 4)

Although small in size, a precious gem.

Image of Emerald
A valuable emerald. You can sell this to the merchant to make some extra Pesetas.

Sell price: 3,000 pesetas


  • Image of Chapter 5-1

    Chapter 5-1

    Normal Mode

    1 × Emerald - Island bay. Inside a crate on the cliff ledge if you continue down the left path from your starting point.

    1 × Emerald - Outside of the research facility. On top of one of the crates when you ascend the ladder to the top of the cliffs overlooking the facility.

    1 × Emerald - Armoury. Inside one of the draws.

    1 × Emerald - Operating theatre. Inside a glass cabinet.

    1 × Emerald - Main passage on the first floor. Inside a suitcase.

    1 × Emerald - Waste disposal area. Inside one of the garbage containers.

    1 × Emerald - Laboratory. Inside the samples pillar in the middle of the room.

  • Image of Chapter 5-3

    Chapter 5-3

    Normal Mode

    1 × Emerald - Throne room. On the throne.

    1 × Emerald - Cave entrance. On the floor underneath the stairs.

    1 × Emerald - Passage to the sand fortress. On the ceiling of the underground passage after you jump down the ladder in the tent.

  • Image of Chapter 5-4

    Chapter 5-4

    Normal Mode

    1 × Emerald - Commando base sand ruins. Attached to the column.

  • There are no locations to show for this mode. The following modes are applicable: