J.J. (Resident Evil 4)

Image of J.J.
A large Soldier Ganado that requires its immense strength to wield a personal Gatling Gun. He will only trigger his weapon when he has a direct line of sight of you, and since there's a slight pause between the weapon spinning up and it actually firing bullets, use this gap to unload your most powerful weapons into him.


  • Image of Chapter 5-1

    Chapter 5-1

    Normal Mode
    1 × J.J. - Island bay. Appears when you approach the facility complex after arriving on the island.
  • Image of Chapter 5-4

    Chapter 5-4

    Normal Mode
    1 × J.J. - Commando base. Appears when you are approaching the final section of the base.
    1 × J.J. - Security wing. Standing there guarding the facility.
  • There are no locations to show for this mode. The following modes are applicable: