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Beretta M92FS Custom (Resident Evil)

Image of Beretta M92FS Custom

Beretta M92FS Automatic. Custom edition.

Custom handgun for S.T.A.R.S members. This weapon gets its ammunition from the Clips you find.

This weapon is practically identical to the standard Beretta M92FS except is has been fitted with a custom sight allowing greater accuracy.
CategoryWeaponry (Weapon)


  • Image of Jill's Inventory

    Jill's Inventory

    Jill (Arranged/Advanced)
    Inside her inventory when you start the game.
  • Image of Main Hall 1F - Mansion 1F

    Main Hall 1F - Mansion 1F

    Chris (Arranged/Advanced)
    On the floor after encountering the first zombie.
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  • Image of Rebecca's Inventory

    Rebecca's Inventory

    Chris (Arranged/Advanced)
    Inside her inventory when you take control of her.
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