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Solving the trophy room mounted head puzzle (Resident Evil)

There is a room in the mansion that features many examples of mounted wildlife displays. This aptly named trophy room also has a secret, a hidden item that is needed if you wish to completely solve a different puzzle in the mansion.

In this room there is a set of movable metal steps that can be pushed against the western wall, allowing you to examine the mounted deer head. However, nothing much of interest greets you if you do.

How to solve

The solution actually comes by first examining a different area of the room. Next to the door there is a switch, which is actually the light switch for the room. Pushing this switch will plunge the room into darkness, which initially seems pointless.

However if you go back to the area of the room with the mounted deer head you will find that one of its eyes is now shining. If you climb up the steps and take a closer look, you can examine it more closely and remove its eye, which turns out to be a red jewel.

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