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Solving the tiger statue puzzle (Resident Evil)

The smallest room in the mansion, but ultimately holds the biggest secrets, is the tiger statue room. This room contains a mysterious stone statue of a tiger head, and has a somewhat basic description when examined:

It reads "Some tigers have a red eye and a blue eye".

The wording around its red and blue eyes should give focus to the fact that currently its eyes don’t display any distinct colouring. Therefore you can conclude that to reveal its secrets you must provide this statue with both a blue eye and a red eye.

How to solve

During the course of the game you may happen upon some items where their initial usage is somewhat unclear and ambiguous.

Blue eye

Whilst exploring the mansion you will acquire a blue jewel, which does not come with an insightful description as to how or where it gets used. But by the very fact of it being blue could (and should) allude to it being associated with the tiger statue. It is, in actual fact, a perfect fit for its proverbial “blue eye” from the statue's description . Use this jewel on the tiger statue to cause it to rotate and reveal a hidden space behind it containing a very useful and important item.

Red eye

Later on, once you return to the mansion, you will have acquired a key in which to access several new rooms. In one of these rooms you will find the red jewel, and therefore provide the statue with its remaining eye. Placing this jewel will again cause the statue to rotate (albeit in the opposite direction) revealing its final secret to assist in your adventure.

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