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Researcher's Will (Resident Evil)

Image of Researcher's Will
A will written by researcher Martin Crackhorn, with information regarding the accident in the Underground Laboratory.



My dear Alma,

The fact that you have received this letter is both a joy and sadness for me.
I could not even talk to you because of that guy in the sunglasses. Alma, be calm and read this.

I think I've told you that I moved to pharmaceutical company's lab. They headhunted me.
Last month, there was an accident in the lab and the virus we were studying escaped.

All my colleagues who were infected by the virus are dead. To be accurate, they've become living dead.
They still wander around.
Some of them are knocking on my room door desperately right now.
But there's no sign of intelligence in their eyes.

That cursed virus takes away all humanity from the human brain. Love, Joy, sorrow, fear, humor,... eternally.

And Alma, even the memories of the days I spent with you...

Yes, I'm infected.
I did everything I could, but I could only delay the progress by a few days.
The most frightening thing is, that I forget more about you by the day.

So I chose a peaceful death, rather than become the living dead.
Within an hour, I will have entered my eternal sleep.
I do hope you'll understand my decision...

Good Bye and Forever Yours,
Martin Crackhorn