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Botany Book (Resident Evil)

Image of Botany Book
This book contains information regarding the three different types of herb found in the Raccoon Area, and methods of how they can be mixed together to increase their healing effects.


~ About Medical Herbs ~

As you may know, there are many plants that have medical effects. Since ancient times, humans have been healing wounds and diseases using various plants.

In this book, we're going to sample three herbs that grow around the Raccoon mountains and give their outlines as examples of those plants with medical properties.

Each herb has different colors and different effects as medical plants: the green one recovers physical strength, the blue one neutralizes natural toxins, while the red herb does not have any effect by itself.

The red herb is only effective with other herbs. For example, if you mix this herb with the herb that recovers physical strength, the recovery effect will be tripled.

By adjusting the amount and experimenting with these three herbs, you can create various kinds of medicines but I'll leave the details in your hands, because that's the best way to acquire true knowledge.