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Mine Worker's Diary 2 (Resident Evil Revelations 2)

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Mine Worker's Diary 2

(Written in Russian)

April 2

Sometimes the researchers carry these boxes to the back rooms. I accidentally caught a glimpse inside one. It looked...looked human. Or, like it used to be.

But that's crazy. I mean, that's crazy, right? No no no. My imagination is just running wild. You can't do that kind of thing.

Still, it makes the mind think things. Can't help but be a little worried for my family now.

April 15

So my imagination got the best of me. I had to know what was inside of those boxes. Goddamnit, be careful what you wish for.

It was human bodies! Our bodies, the bodies of my fellow islanders! All chopped up into pieces! Research? This is nothing more than sick, twisted murder!

Those boxes...they've been coming through everyday. To think that every time...

That woman! We trusted her! We thought she was helping us! Instead she's just using us!

April 25

I thought maybe I'd overreacted a bit. Thought I'd give her a chance to explain. I asked her to meet with me, but she ignored my request.

So it's come to this. I'll force the truth out of her. Just apply a little pressure and she'll cop to what's being going on here. I've been working hard all my life, and she's a thin little woman. I can overpower her. Easily. I don't like the idea, but something must be done and I'm all out of options here.

Someone needs to stand up and do what's right. Might as well be me. I'm coming for you, Alex. You're gonna regret the day you decided to mess with us!


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    Episode Four

    The Mines. In the section you go to restore the power to the ventilation system. It is in the room in the south west corner of the area that has the raised wooden platform.
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