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Female Villager's Letter (Resident Evil Revelations 2)

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Female Villager's Letter

(Written in Russian)

My dearly beloved,

It has been a year since you left to go work in the mines. I thank you for your service. And of course, I am thankful to the one who gave us this opportunity, the one who saves us from despair.

You were supposed to be gone for only a year. That was the term. Yet you have not returned. Why?

But not just you. Friends, other villagers...they disappear and never return.

I've heard rumors--of poison gases and beasts and unspeakable horrors and I don't want to say what else.

I hope you return home as soon as possible. I'm waiting for you.


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    Episode Two

    Fishing Village. On a table inside the blue building near the shore. Natalia needs to crawl through a hole in the wall in order to access.
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