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Ironhead (Resident Evil Revelations 2)

Image of Ironhead
These are a variation to a standard Afflicted, created by further exposure to the treatment that caused their mutation. As such, they are stronger and more resilient to attacks.

You encounter these enemies during Claire and Moira's scenarios. They wield a large axe-hammer that is capable of inflicting the "bleed" status.


  • Image of Episode One

    Episode One

    Ironhead - Detention Center. Appear in several places throughout the facility.
  • Image of Episode Two

    Episode Two

    Ironhead - Fishing Village. Appear in several places throughout the village once you are seeking the parts necessary for the helicopter.
    Ironhead - Town. Appear in several places in and around the buildings of the town.
  • Image of Episode Three

    Episode Three

    Ironhead - Food Processing Plant. Appear inside the main building, the slaughterhouse building and the burning factory.
    Ironhead - Sewers. Appear at several locations within the sewer tunnels.
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