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Giant Whip Spider (Resident Evil Revelations 2)

Image of Giant Whip Spider
These giant spiders are a result of Alex Wesker's experiments on ordinary whip spiders.

You encounter these enemies very rarely during both Claire and Moira's scenarios, and Barry and Natalia's scenarios. They are more of an annoyance than a threat, causing minor damage. However, they tend to arrive in large numbers.


  • Image of Episode One

    Episode One

    Giant Whip Spider - Detention Center. In the room you use the Rusty Key to access. It is the room that has the control panel that restores power to the facility.
  • Image of Episode One

    Episode One

    Giant Whip Spider - Shore. They appear around the rock ledges as you make your way towards the detention center entrance.
  • Image of Episode Three

    Episode Three

    Giant Whip Spider - Sewers. Appear occasionally throughout the sewer tunnels.
  • Image of Episode Four

    Episode Four

    Giant Whip Spider - Floodgates. Appear inside the sluice channels.
    Giant Whip Spider - Landfill. Appear on the crane platforms above the landfill.
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