Underground Laboratory Maps (Resident Evil Remake)

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Highlighted areas showing the location of... Passage to Heliport

Laboratory B1

Image of Passage to HeliportImage of Laboratory Entrance
Image of Laboratory B1

Laboratory B2

Image of Visual Data RoomImage of Laboratory StairwayImage of Item Box Room
Image of Laboratory B2

Laboratory B3

Image of Cell EntranceImage of CellImage of Pass Code CorridorImage of X-Ray Room BImage of X-Ray Room AImage of 'O' RoomImage of Laboratory StairwayImage of Operating RoomImage of MorgueImage of Elevator EntryImage of Surgeon's RoomImage of Laboratory Lounge RoomImage of Power Maze AImage of Power Maze BImage of Power Control Room
Image of Laboratory B3

Laboratory B4

Image of Main Laboratory EntranceImage of Main Laboratory
Image of Laboratory B4