Courtyard Maps (Resident Evil Remake)

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Highlighted areas showing the location of... Boulder Passage 2

Courtyard 1F

Image of Zigzag PathImage of Falls AreaImage of FountainImage of Water PoolImage of Main GardenImage of Muddy PathImage of Small Headstone AreaImage of Forest PathwayImage of Cabin
Image of Courtyard 1F

Courtyard B1

Image of Boulder Passage 2Image of Underground Statue RoomImage of Straight PassageImage of Spider RoomImage of Boulder Passage 1Image of Entrance PassageImage of Forked PassageImage of Generator RoomImage of Enrico Room
Image of Courtyard B1

Courtyard B2

Image of Garbage Compactor RoomImage of Winding Underground PassageImage of Underground Storage RoomImage of Lisa's Room
Image of Courtyard B2


Image of Landing Point
Image of Heliport