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Organic Chemistry Lab Experiment (Resident Evil Remake)

Image of Organic Chemistry Lab Experiment
Instructions on how to create the V-JOLT compound to destroy Plant 42.


Organic Chemistry Lab Experiment

The similarities in the cellular characteristics of the rapidly growing plant infected by the Tyrant Virus have been reported in previous papers. However, while repeating these experiments, an interesting new fact became clear.

We learned that a chemical in the UMB family, UMB No. 20, contains a compound that is toxic to the cells of the plant.

We have given UMB No. 20 a new name: V-JOLT. If calculations prove correct, when V-JOLT is applied directly to the root of the plant, the entire plant should be dead within 5 seconds.

The V-JOLT can be made by simply mixing the VP and UMB chemicals in a specific ratio. However, extra care must be taken when handling these UMB chemicals. They have been known to generate toxic gases if mishandled.

The characteristics of each UMB chemical are as follows:

UMBNo. 3 red
UMB No. 7green
UMB No. 10orange
V-JOLTdark brown