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Observation Note (Resident Evil Remake)

Image of Observation Note
William Birkin's notes on the discovery of the G-Virus.


Observation Note

The discovery of the G-Virus was in fact 21 years after the administration of the progenitor virus.

The "Prototype Parasite" which we had delivered from a laboratory in France was administered to the sample specimen. The sample specimen took in the parasite without showing any signs of adverse reaction.

The lack of any reaction was an unsolved mystery. But now everything is clear to me now.

The "Prototype Parasite" was incubating in the sample specimen's body for 21 years. Then from that incubating state the prototype suddenly mutated. ("Evolved" may be a more appropriate word to describe it.)

This observation gave me more insight in my research. Through further modification and testing, I was able to derive a method to create the "G" that surpasses the performance of the "T".

This was the breakthrough that would change the future of the B.O.W.'s history.

I can't wait to see the look on Alexia's annoying face when I finally announce my research. But unfortunately I'll have to wait a few more years to completely verify my findings.

William Birkin