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Marvin's memo (Resident Evil Outbreak File #2)

Image of Marvin's memo
This file is available during the "Desperate Times" scenario.
CategoryFile (Desperate Times)


"Marvin's memo"

This police station was originally used as an art museum. It closed in the late '80s and was purchased cheaply by the RPD for use as a station because of its central location and ample parking.

Chief Irons himself is said to have been the mediator in the deal. All the equipment you see around was thanks to his suggestions, too. He says it's all to fight crime, but we also think his art obsession helps.

The various air conditioning ducts used during the building's time as a museum were abandoned during the renovations, but not completely. The ducts themselves still exist, and might even provide a way out.

And there's always the main hall with the statue in it. It used to be the main exhibition space, and there was probably a way to move large pieces in and out. Perhaps it still works. Might be worth checking out.

Of course, if we trust S.T.A.R.S. - No, forget it... There's no use grumbling. Anyway, there might be some chance of getting out with their help. Maybe I'll check it out. I certainly don't want to die here.