Experiment file (Resident Evil Outbreak File #2)

Image of Experiment file
This file is available during the "End of the Road" scenario.


"Experiment file"

Handling experimental life form T-0400TP (known henceforth as "T")

Activation procedure:
While maintaining pressure and temp. settings, transfer the activation program to T's memory cortex. When the program has installed itself, control is established.

The activation program MO disk must be inserted in the proper terminal. Because of its top secret nature, the disk is encrypted with a security code. This must be unscrambled in the mainframe room before insertion.

Experiment outline:
Hand-to-hand fighting with hunters will be used to determine the amount of damage "T" is able to withstand. This is also useful in measuring the authority of the control program.

Supplementary notes:
The experiment is approved only for use under optimum conditions in the experimentation chamber. Safety is not guaranteed if performed outside conditions and locations prescribed.