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Botanist's notebook (Resident Evil Outbreak File #2)

Image of Botanist's notebook
This file is available during the "Flashback" scenario.
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"Botanist's notebook"

March 15th
I can hardly explain my surprise at finding this abandoned cabin. The strong vines... the gigantic tropical flowers... I was convinced that I'd discovered a new species.

March 18th
Rick and I decided to set up camp right here so that we could begin research and take samples. It is imperative that this site remain secret.

March 19th
This is no good. The plants seem to possess a will of their own. They move as if controlled by intelligence. They have blocked the only door to the cabin.

March 20th
There's no way out of this place. If it comes down to it, I can use my satellite phone as a last resort. We have a week's worth of food left. It's best to just wait for now.

Rick swears up and down that he can sense a human presence here. He's likely hallucinating. Meanwhile, I managed to drop my phone and break it. I no longer care about new plant species. I just want out of here.

There's a room that appears to be a pharmacy here. I found a tank full of medicine or chemicals in there. The vines around it have begun to wilt and decay.

There's a knob-like protruson on part of the vine climbing the wall. It's much more tender than other parts of the plant. I used a syringe to inject it with the medicine. It worked! We can get out now!

Rick is dead. He was killed. Who is that freak? Why is he attacking us?

Bianca, Jessie,

Please forgive your father for dying before you. I'll always love you.