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Veronica Report (Resident Evil Code: Veronica)

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A report written by Alexander Ashford on the creation and birth of Alexia and Alfred.



After many long years of research, I finally identified the inheritance element that administers the intelligence of man.

I even succeeded in manipulating the absolute value of intelligence artificially, by recomposing the base alignment of the element.

I then sampled the gene of out great ancestor, manipulated its element, then implanted it into the unfertilized egg of a surrogate mother.

What I didn't expect was that twins, a boy and a girl, were born. The boy had higher intelligence than normal, but not high enough for him to be considered a genius.

However, the girl had unmatched intelligence that easily allowed her to be classified as a genius. She was exactly what I had been looking for, the revival of out great ancestor.

I already determined their names; the girl's name, Alexia, and the boy's name, Alfred.

I'm certain that Alexia will elevate the name of the Ashford family to extreme glory.

Alexander Ashford


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