Secretary's Note (Resident Evil Code: Veronica)

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The notes made by Alfred Ashford's secretary regarding his behaviour concerning his sister Alexia.



Four years have passed since I began serving Sir Alfred.

He doesn't trust anyone! Even though I am his attendant, I am still strictly prohibited from entering his private house! What is his problem anyway?!

They say he lives with his twin sister Alexia in his private house on the hill.

Occasionally, I've seen someone standing by the window of the house. It might have been Alexia, whose extreme beauty is often talked about.

I once asked Sir Alfred about this, but it only enraged him. Even though I am his attendant, he will not show me any lenience. If I ask about her again, I could put my life at risk.

After all, it is a mystery why he so desperately tries to keep his private life with Alexia a secret.

Robert Dorson


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