Prisoner's Diary (Resident Evil Code: Veronica)

Image of Prisoner's Diary
The last few entries of a prisoner's diary, detailing the disturbing rumours of a certain building in the compound.



May 13th
This room stinks of death. Based upon the information I've found, I believe that I'm far south of the equator.

Lucky for me that Bob in the bunk below me, is one of those interesting types of guys...

May 16th
Today Bob told some crazy story of why he was put this place with me. Bob said that he used to be an attendant of the head of this place. This "boss" named Alfred supposedly placed him in here because of a tiny little mistake.

What does that mean?
What's going to happen to me?

May 20th
Without warning, a group of military men took Bob to the building behind the guillotine stand.

At midnight, I'll sneak out of here to see him.

I've been hearing that anyone taken to that building never comes back. On top of that, there are these REALLY large plastic bags being constantly being removed from that place. I'd better pray for Bob...

May 21st
I was wrong. I shouldn't have gone there. What is going on in there?! All I could here was some insanely creepy laughter and the sound of Bob screaming! I don't know what to do. I can't stoo thinking about it...

Is that going to happen to me?!
I can't let it...
I just can't...

May 27th
Since my last entry, all of my fellow inmates have been taken to that building! I know that I am next... It's obvious that we are all here to be used as Alfred's guinea pigs. There's no way out!
What am I going to do?!...


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    Barracks Bunkhouse - Prison 1F

    On the bunk-bed near the entrance.
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