Alloy Report (Resident Evil Code: Veronica)

Image of Alloy Report
Information on the new type of special alloy, which would be perfect for storing B.O.W.s and viral agents if it weren't for a major weakness of it dissolving if it comes into contact with a certain mixture of chemicals, namely the Clement Mixture.



Although we planned to utilize the enhanced anti-decay alloy called "Deploid" to create the storage capsule of the new B.O.W., we have had to cancel the plan. This is primarly based upon the fact that despite its excellent resistance to all kinds of liquid including strong acid, it easily dissolves when soaked with a mixture of the two chemicals, "Clement Alpha" and "Clement Sigma".

Due to the lethal nature of the new B.O.W., we cannot be too careful in choosing the material for their storage capsule.

We have instead decided to use Deploid to create the plate portion of the "Eagle Plate", which shines in indigo-blue.


The Alpha type is used for gun maintenance and possesses no conspicuous characteristics. However, the Sigma type will change its color to blue at a certain temperature. (It is an odd coincidence that the temperature is exactly the same as the date of completion of this training facility.)

Based upon our analysis of the Sigma type, we believe that Clement possesses more features. As new information is learned, we will update this file.


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    Garage - Military Training Facility 1F

    Appears here when you are playing as Chris. On the table at the end of the east upper walkway.
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