Lightning Hawk (Resident Evil 6)

Image of Lightning Hawk
Although this looks like a standard handgun, it's incredibly powerful and features stopping power at any range. It fires slowly, but it knocks down any enemies it hits, allowing you to quickly clear a path. This weapon is especially effective in constrictive areas like hallways.

Ammunition is scarce, but it can hold up to 50 using a single slot, making it a useful and powerful weapon. It uses .50 Action Express Magnum Ammo.
CategoryWeaponry (Weapon)


CharactersLeon, Helena
Alternate FireNone
Shots Per Clip7
Critical Chance8
Reload SpeedA
Firing SpeedB


  • Image of Leon - Chapter 4

    Leon - Chapter 4

    Inside the Airplane. On the ground near the co-pilot's seat inside the cockpit. Only appears here if you do not already have this weapon in your possession.
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