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The BSAA (Resident Evil 6)

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In the wake of the Umbrella Corporation's dissolution in 2003, many other pharmaceutical companies saw their bio-organic weapons research enter the black market. Whether in the hands of organized crime or terrorists, bioweapons were destroying lives around the world. In response to voices calling for action to be taken, the Global Pharmaceutical Consortium formed the antiterrorist task force known as the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance (BSAA).

Initially, the BSAA was just a civilian organization with only advisory status, but as the threat posed by bioterrorism spread, the United Nations decided to sponsor the group in order to have a quick-response force that could deal with threats around the world. With its new sponsorship in place, the BSAA gained the authority to carry out investigations in countries the world over, and to make arrests wherever it is dispatched.

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