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Napad (Resident Evil 6)

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The Napad is a creature that results from a high-level mutation brought on by exposure to the C-Virus. Napad is derived from the Serbian word for "assault."

This creature has a hard, protective epidermis, as well as dense, tough musculature. The creature attacks by swinging its large powerful arms recklessly. When it becomes excited, it has been observed to thump on its chest much like a gorilla.

The Napad's standard body temperature is much higher than a J'avo's. It's so high, in fact, that its body constantly gives off steam in order to maintain a non-life-threatening temperature level. (How Napad manages to give off steam without dehydrating itself is unknown.) Any damage to the creature, whether by gunshot or blunt force trauma, will chip away at it shell-like exterior, revealing its softer muscle tissue underneath. The nerve center under the shell on its back is very sensitive. Damage to this area will kill the creature instantly.

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