Leon and the Raccoon City Incident (Resident Evil 6)

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Leon and the Raccoon City Incident

In 1998, a biohazard incident involving a man-made virus contaminated the entire town of Raccoon City. The town of 100,000 became ground zero for the world's single worst biohazard outbreak in the 20th century. The clinical naming of the event as the Raccoon City Incident does nothing to express the tragedy and horror that occurred in that idyllic American town.

During the incident, a rookie police officer named Leon Kennedy was caught up in the nightmare. He was attacked by human infected, a.k.a. zombies, and Umbrella-engineered bio-organic weapons. Against all odds, he and a few other survivors were able to escape from the city. He regretted that he was only able to save so few people that day, and the events that transpired in Raccoon City etched themselves indelibly on his mind. From that point on he vowed he would do all he could to ensure the world would never see a tragedy like Raccoon City repeated.