Helena Harper 2 (Resident Evil 6)

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Helena Harper 2

Helena Harper doesn't compromise her beliefs, and is not one to step aside and let others take charge. She does, however, have a tendency to let her emotions get the best of her. She was in the top of her class, and the agency's first choice for the job, but officials were concerned that she would let her morals get in the way of her work. They were right.

While investigating a series of murders, Helena successfully found and apprehended the killer. In the process, she used excessive force on the suspect and was suspended from the agency. She claimed she had to shut the killer up because he was making threats in front of the victim's family. After her suspension period was over, she found herself in situations where she couldn't maintain her self-control. When Deborah's boyfriend became abusive, an enraged Helena shot and injured him. Her superiors were unwilling to overlook her gross misconduct, but they didn't want to fire her, so they transferred her to the Secret Service.

During the attack on Tall Oaks, Helena was manipulated by Derek Simmons in his plan to assassinate President Adam Benford.