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Haos (Resident Evil 6)

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Haos is a gigantic B.O.W. and the ultimate weapon created by Neo-Umbrella at its underwater facility.

The creature has translucent skin, making humanoid bone structures and internal organs visible to the naked eye. In addition, there are also gas producing organs that secrete a gas that turns humans into zombies. This gas is thousands of times more concentrated than Lepotitsa's, and its potential infection radius is just as exponentially wide. Should it ever reach the surface, it would follow its programming and continue to divide and multiply. In only a few days these Haos creatures would contaminate the entire planet. In the event of Neo-Umbrella leader Ada Wong's death, the Haos creature would still be released. However, depending on when that occurs, there is the possibility that the creature could be released at an incomplete stage of its development.

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