A Deal with the United States (Resident Evil 6)

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A Deal with the United States

The reason the U.S. government took Sherry Birkin into custody is twofold: one, they had hoped to study the G-Virus that remained in her blood, and two, they sought to protect her from Albert Wesker, who wanted to possess a sample of the G-Virus. ln 2009, the organization Albert had worked for fell apart after he was eliminated by the BSAA on a mission in Africa. Sherry was thus freed from the threat posed by Albert and his organization.

The government offered her a chance to leave their protective care if she agreed to come work for them. Sherry learned of how bioweapons had caused the deaths of countless people around the world, and she couldn't bear to think of others enduring what she had experienced as a child. She readily agreed to work as a special agent under the direct supervision of Derek C. Simmons.

Agent Birkin's latest assignment is to find Jake Muller, the only known living individual with C-Virus antibodies, and escort him back to the United States.