Ubistvo (Resident Evil 6)

Image of Ubistvo
This humanoid B.O.W. has a chainsaw as an arm and is exceptionally deadly. In many stages, the Ubistvo cannot be killed and, as a result, must be avoided. Its chainsaw attack instantly kills you no matter how it hits you! Thankfully, Ubistvo's tactics are straightforward and easy to avoid.


  • Image of Jake - Chapter 4

    Jake - Chapter 4

    1 Ubistvo - Shopping District. When you arrive in the section with the wrecked bus, this creature will leap into the area from above and attack you.
    1 Ubistvo - Stilt Housing Area. It appears when you disembark the first raft onto the sunken house in the middle of the river.
  • Image of Ada - Chapter 3

    Ada - Chapter 3

    1 Ubistvo - Shopping District. Appears when you enter this area, and you must outrun it using the bamboo platforms above the street. You will re-encounter it after attempting to use the Back Street Key in the zombie-filled area, before having to fight it on top of the moving bus and eventually the train track.
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