Strelat (Resident Evil 6)

Image of Strelat
This B.O.W. looks and moves like a lizard and generally appears after a J'avo has turned into a chrysalid cocoon. Strelats tend to attack from long range with needles that it emits from the fins around its neck. These projections move fast, but it's easy to see them coming - it emits steam from the fins around its neck before firing. To keep them from firing these projectiles at all, chase it down whenever it runs off.


  • Image of Chris - Chapter 2

    Chris - Chapter 2

    Strelats - City Hall. After escaping the main hall using the door directly at the top of the main staircase, you will find yourself in a corridor. The chrysalids in this area will hatch Strelats.
    Strelats - City Hall. When you drop down into the warehouse section, there are chrysalids in this area that hatch Strelats.
  • Image of Jake - Chapter 4

    Jake - Chapter 4

    Strelats - Shopping District. The J'avo in this area have a tendency to mutate into chrysalids when defeated, which in turn will hatch Strelats.
  • Image of Ada - Chapter 3

    Ada - Chapter 3

    Strelats - Tenement - Bin Street. Can emerge from the chrysalids formed by killed J'avo.
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